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PASSChapterLogo.jpgMicrosoft Data Platform User Group Norway (MDPUG Norway, formerly SQL Server User Group Norway) is for for everyone interested in or working with Microsoft Data Platform technologies including SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services & Analysis Services, Information Management (SQL Server Integration Services, Azure Data Factory (ADF) & Data Sync), Power BI, Analytics Platform System, Cortana Analytics Suite, Azure Data Lake, Azure DocumentDB, Azure HDInsight and Hadoop, Spark, & Storm on Azure, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Search, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database and Azure Stream Analytics. Our goals are to share knowledge, present new technologies, network and have fun. We welcome everyone from database administrators and developers to business intelligence professionals and students.

Membership is free, join us today!

We are always looking for speakers. Have you worked on an interesting project? Discovered a cool feature? Built an automated framework? Performance tuned the heck out of an application? Scripted all your daily tasks? Join us and share your experiences! We are looking for both Norwegian and English presentations of all levels.

Our meetings are managed via our Meetup group. You can also find Microsoft Data Platform User Group Norway on LinkedIn and you can join us on Twitter by following @MDPUGNorway and using the hashtag #MDPUGNorway.

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SQLNexus vorspiel

We are proud to host a meetup featuring the two Norwegian speakers accepted to SQLNexus this year. 

Featured Presentation:

Diving into your Azure Data Lake with U-SQL

Helge Rege Gårdsvoll, BI Architect NHO

Microsoft introduced a new SQL dialect with Azure Data Lake Analytics and U-SQL. This session will introduce the core concepts of U-SQL and how it fits in a ELT pattern. With the familiarity of SQL and extensibility of C#, and a scalability to hundreds or thousands of Analytics Units U-SQL has great abilties. But using a script based transformation language has several pitfalls, and this session will cover some of the dos and don’ts based on practical experience with using the language.

About Helge:
BI Architect at NHO and responsible for architecting and building data platform in Azure.

Don’t cross the streams! (A closer look at Stream Analytics.)

Johan Ludvig Brattås, Lead Solutions Architect Capgemini

So you’ve decided to get into the Internet of Things and stream data from your devices into Azure. And now you want to use Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) to analyze and aggregate your data. Join me in this session to learn how to develop and debug your ASA queries and the possibilities and limitations of the language. We will look at the different input and output choices and when to use which one.

About Johan Ludvig:
Johan Ludvig Brattås is a managing consultant at Capgemini, and a dedicated community guy. He has worked with MS SQL server since late 1999, mostly with BI in one form or another. The last 4 years, most of his work has been in Azure working on VMs, data lakes, PowerBI, and the last two years focusing on Azure IoT and Stream Analytics. Combining his passion for Microsoft SQL Server with his passion for sharing knowledge, he has spoken at various events in the SQL Community. This is also a way to give back to the community for all the things he has learned over the years. When not working, Johan Ludvig either spends his time with his kids, playing with new technology, or teaching coeliacs how to bake glutenfree food.



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