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PASSChapterLogo.jpgMicrosoft Data Platform User Group Norway (MDPUG Norway, formerly SQL Server User Group Norway) is for for everyone interested in or working with Microsoft Data Platform technologies including SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services & Analysis Services, Information Management (SQL Server Integration Services, Azure Data Factory (ADF) & Data Sync), Power BI, Analytics Platform System, Cortana Analytics Suite, Azure Data Lake, Azure DocumentDB, Azure HDInsight and Hadoop, Spark, & Storm on Azure, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Search, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database and Azure Stream Analytics. Our goals are to share knowledge, present new technologies, network and have fun. We welcome everyone from database administrators and developers to business intelligence professionals and students.

Membership is free, join us today!

We are always looking for speakers. Have you worked on an interesting project? Discovered a cool feature? Built an automated framework? Performance tuned the heck out of an application? Scripted all your daily tasks? Join us and share your experiences! We are looking for both Norwegian and English presentations of all levels.

Our meetings are managed via our Meetup group. You can also find Microsoft Data Platform User Group Norway on LinkedIn and you can join us on Twitter by following @MDPUGNorway and using the hashtag #MDPUGNorway.

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Joe Chang: Statistics and Performance for SQL Server Developers

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Featured Presentation:

Statistics and Performance for SQL Server Developers

Joe Chang, Consultant SolidQ

Statistics and Performance for SQL Server Developers

About Joe:
Joe is a SQL Server Consultant specializing in seriously difficult performance issues. Root cause analysis of complex and vexing problems. Quick non-disruptive fixes for production systems when possible, and in-place re-architecture to correct deeply ingrained flaws when required. Prefers to be on the project from the beginning, but usually called as firefighter of last resort. SQL ExecStats by Joe for automating SQL XML plan analysis, cross-referencing index usage to execution plans. He has models for predicting SQL Server performance early in the design phase, and taking the guess work out of performance tuning. He has built a more complete model than the SQL Server internal cost based query optimizer, including processor and system ar



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